Laura Rejent reviewed 8/30/12

Ted and Wally’s was great. The service was excellent- they even let us bring our dog in the inside and eat at tables in the lobby! ( It was 90+ degrees out). The ice cream machines made noise- because they were actually making ice cream on site! That’s something you don’t find most places. The ice cream was delicious, smooth and creamy without too much added sweetness. My husband and I both had lemonade ice cream which was perfectly refreshing! We liked the place so much we stopped by the next day too. The staff was friendly and explained the whole ice cream making process to my husband. And the ice cream was made with all basic ingredients – NO High Fructose corn syrup or other additives.

Ryuuie Ryuu reviewed 6/5/12

Quality 3 / 3

I love this ice cream shop much more than the other generic chains around town. It always has flavorful, inexpensive ice cream and it’s local as well!


Matt B., 5 stars, 8/7/12

Omaha is quickly become my favorite place to go. We are in the middle of Kansas City, Des Monies, and Omaha. All basically the same distance or time away from us. Places like this up there are the reason why.

It reminds me of the places that you might find in NYC, SF or Austin. It’s great to see the expansion of people’s tastes and the broadening of our Midwest horizons.

Ice cream was great. I had chocolate and my wife had chocolate cake batter. I liked mine and loved hers. Some many more flavors to try. We will be frequenting this place mostly every time we come back.

Tara B., 5 stars, 9/4/12

Oh holy cow (pun intended). My husband, daughter and I were on a trip to Omaha and wanted ice cream, so we typed it into our phone and Ted and Wally’s popped up with amazing reviews, and we were in Old Market anyway. Best decision ever. This place had a line to the door on a Thursday night but it was so worth the wait. I had the Dutch chocolate and it was so good! My husband had pistachio almond, vanilla and a chocolate coffee flavor. It was seriously some of the best ice cream we’ve ever had. Amazing! I’m just sad we can’t go here all the time, although it’s probably best that we can’t!



Tasty ice cream!

by Angie (1 review) 8/14/12

We were in Omaha for a family reunion and came across this fun ice cream shop with really good ice cream. I would like to go back and try the interesting flavors. They have specialty flavors plus toppings too. My daughter enjoyed the Rice Crispy Treat Ice Cream and the Schmitty’s was good too (malted chocolate with coconut). The place was packed on a Thursday night.

Sincere and worth every penny

by Jessie Rae Sargent (6 reviews) 12/27/11

I don’t know what it is about cold weather that makes me want to go downtown and get ice-cream, but every time it snows I have to find this place (and fight for parking) and treat myself to something delicious.

The ice cream at Ted and Walleys is not always perfectly smooth, in fact I occasionally get a small ice chip, but the experience is never bad. It reminds me of the ice-cream I ate at church as a child. You can taste good intentions and positive feelings. It’s not super fancy and snooty acting, the staff are always 150% happy and helpful in their suggestions. In fact, Ive never seen any of those guys ever frown. When you walk in, they ask you how you are and talk to you like a friend, not a client. This is missing in some of the other newer spots downtown. You can buy fancy machines and displays, but you can’t buy heart. Ted and Walleys Has Miles and Miles of Heart.