About Our Products

Our Ice Cream:

  • Itis ultra-premium, 20% butterfat. Our base is made from scratch, using a family recipe with all-natural ingredients. The creaminess comes from real butterfat& eggs. We do not load up our ice cream with a lot of additives commonly used to replace & feign the mouth feel of real cream & eggs, such as corn syrup, whey, non-fat milk solids & mono & diglycerides.
  • Madefrom local dairy & eggs. No artificial growth hormones in any of our dairyproducts.
  • OurVanilla is made with real Bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans & our Chocolateis made from scratch with cooked cocoa.
  • Slow-churned the old-fashioned way using rock salt & ice with less than 30% overflow(air added during the churning process).

Our Vegan Options:

  • Our vegan “ice cream” base is made from coconut milk, from scratch, with all-natural ingredients.
  • Absolutelyno dairy, eggs or animal products.
  • Oursorbets are also vegan & made from scratch with fresh ingredients.
  • Our vegan paleo ice creams are made with coconut milk & sweetened only with maple syrup, molasses, dates or coconut sugar.

Our Low Sugar Keto Ice Cream:

  • Super-premium,made from scratch using local dairy & eggs & all-natural ingredients.
  • All-natural sweeteners & only 8 grams of carbohydrate/sugars per serving.

Our Frozen Yogurt:

  • Our frozen yogurt base is from scratch using local low fat Greek yogurt &all-natural ingredients.

Our Sherbets

  • Made from scratch with a simple recipe of milk, fruit and sugar.

Most of the ingredients in our more than 2300 flavors & many of the items on our menu are locally-sourced, as we have always believed in supporting other local small businesses. Our goal is to have a good balance of classic candies & flavors, along with many more creative original flavors & Ingredients. 

Ted and Wally’s has been using White Mountain ice cream making
products since the store was established. Founded in 1853, very little has changed
about the White Mountain Ice Cream Maker in the past 150 years.
The wooden bucket is made from select New England White Pine and secured with
sturdy metal bands. To last for years, the wood is finished with three coats of
stain and sealer. White Mountain keeps their standards high because they know
their ice cream makers will last a lifetime.

The ice cream is made in these 20 gallon steel drums, set in rock salt and ice, on
the outside of the drum, to freeze and aerate the ice cream mixture by spinning
the drum ’round and ’round until the ice cream sets up with the right
amount of air and the right texture and consistency.

Ultra-Premium Ice Cream

To be considered ultra-premium ice cream, the cream needs to be a certain
percentage of butterfat and Ted and Wally’s boasts an extremely high 20
percent. This process takes longer and is more labor intensive than modern
methods, but the combination of using the highest-quality ingredients, original
family recipes and relying on the old-fashioned ice cream making process makes a
rich, creamy ice cream with an authentic real homemade flavor and texture that
cannot be beat.