About Us

In 1984, two visionaries adopted a concept that would change the way people
enjoyed their ice cream. Theodore “Ted” Weber and Dean
“Wally” Kirschenman were living in Lincoln, Nebraska when a brother of
Kirschenman told him about all of the incredible homemade ice cream parlors on the
East Coast. At the time, Kirschenman had recently finished college and was
struggling with what to do next. After touring the Boston area, its ice cream
stores and researching how they operated, he decided to give it a shot. Soon, Ted
and Wally’s became a reality and has been family-owned ever since.

“The name Ted and Wally’s came from my partner’s first name,
Theodore and my middle name, Wallace. Using the nicknames Ted and Wally also ties
in with a popular TV show in my youth called Leave it to Beaver, the star
characters being Theodore (The Beaver) and his brother Wally,” Kirschenman

The building they found was an old garage, in fact, the car lift was still stored
there, which Kirschenman used as a plant holder. Shortly after opening its doors,
it became hugely popular in Lincoln. Two years later, it relocated to Omaha where
it has remained an Old Market staple for the past several decades. Originally
placed on Howard Street, it has since moved around the corner where it proudly
sits on Jackson Street. Kirschenman’s brother, Dave and business partner
Julie Gilbert, ran that location for 12 years until it was sold in 2000, to Joe
Pittack and his sister, Jeanne Ohira.

The pair had already worked at Ted & Wally’s. Ohira is responsible for
developing the base recipes, including the 18% percent butterfat ice cream recipe
— a much higher level of premium ice cream than any other local competitor.
They will even work with you to create your own ice cream flavor for special
events and occasions. Flavors such as Sweet Corn Creme Brulee, Persian Prince,
George Washington Carver and Mango Chili Lime Cheesecake pushed the boundaries
long before more creative ice cream flavors became a trend.

After all, Ted and Wally’s is not your average ice cream parlor. The layout
and the theme of the store are unique to Kirschenman’s vision. The antique
furniture, vintage signage and outdoorsy-feel makes it more of an event than just
a pit stop. Pittack and Ohira added their own touch with old-fashioned gas pumps
and signage littered throughout the store. Coupled with Ted and Wally’s
outstanding homemade product, satisfaction is a sure thing.

Ted and Wally’s has executed over 2000 different flavors of ice cream. In
addition to the fundamental flavors like Dutch Chocolate, Vanilla Bean or Mint
Chip, experimental original flavors such as Local Bee Pollen, Chartreuse Edsel and
Panna Cotta Popcorn make special appearances on their menu. Malts, shakes, banana
splits, homemade hot fudge sundaes and a slew of other signature products gives
Ted and Wally’s a well-rounded desert extravaganza.

Not only does Ted and Wally’s serve as the perfect place to satisfy your
sweet tooth, it creates ice cream for all kinds of events– from weddings to
business affairs.